About Us
ExcessoriesGalore We are a small business located in Norman Gardens, East Kingston, Jamaica, we have a number of returning clients who can attest to our excellent service. With a staff count of three, we are confident we can provide you with the most beautiful, fashionable and unique accessories. 
Come in and see what we are all about. Excessories have designer handbags such as coach, louis vuitton, chanel and a lot more. We sell glitzy, glamourous and unique fashion in handbags, jewelry or anything for your unique look Excessories is conveniently located at Norman Gardens, East Kingston, Jamaica .
We are aimed at getting the best jewelry, accessories, handbags, dresses and women's clothing not only to our neighbours in Norman Gardens, East Kingston, Jamaica but all over Kingston Jamaica and in the near future we want to broaden to open branches all over this beautiful island of Jamaica so as to provide you with consistent and quality branding. Providing quality jewelry, accessories, handbags, purses and dresses are our our passion and aim and this could not have been possible to our great and loyal Excessories or www.excessoriesgalore.com customers.
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